MyLights smart LED lighting system provides the comfort and security of being able to control your lights from anywhere. Now you can adjust every light from 10% to 100% brightness, monitor which lights are on, and turn everything ON or OFF with a single tap of the hub or app. MyLights has been developed by Advantage Air to integrate seamlessly with MyAir.

MyLights Smart LED lighting

MyLights is designed, developed & manufactured by Australian smart home company Advantage Air. Furthermore when you purchase a MyLights system you can rest assured knowing that you are buying from a world class manufacturer that has offices in both Australia & South Africa. All products come with a 5 year world class warranty, learn more about ADVANTAGE AIR by clicking the button below.


Why choose MyLights Smart LED lighting?

  • Affordable smart home system

    Smart systems are no longer a luxury. MyLights cost substantially less than other systems and is likely more energy efficient. Benefit from the quality and reliability of an Australian made system with local support.

  • Comfort and Security

    Turn on your lights from the car or office so you always walk into a brightly lit home. Enjoy the security of being able to control your lights while on holiday, so it always looks like you’re home. Rest assured knowing by switching from halogen lights to LED you have reduced your lighting energy consumption by up to 80%.

  • Energy Efficient LED downlights

    The savings from switching to an LED lighting system are huge to begin with, when compared to halogen lighting there is an estimated 80% energy savings right from the start. On top of that, by dimming your lights using the MyEco feature you can save much more. The one touch ‘MyEco’ button will dim all lights to 80% – this will save you up to 75% on your running costs of this already very efficient lighting system!

Annual household lighting costs

  • Intuitive & easy to use Android tablet

    You don’t need to study the user manual – MyLights is intuitive to use. You’ll be able to set up and program the system yourself. Between the 8-inch hub and app, you can control your lighting system from anywhere, now that’s comforting!


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