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Air Conditioning Installation Solutions

From window air conditioning, split system air conditioners, hideaway ducted air con to VRV we have air conditioning installation solutions for every home or business.

The most common question we are asked is “Can we put air conditioning in our home or business“, the answer is YES! There is an air conditioning solution for every home or business, whilst there are some limitations when working with existing homes nothing is impossible & our design experts are here to ensure you won’t lose your cool…

Samsung Inverter air conditioning installation

What  air conditioning installation options do i have?

  • Window Air Con – Cost-effective, quick to install & are great for rental properties
  • Wall Split Air Con – A great solution for cooling one room, if you need to cool more than one room a zoned ducted hideaway may be a better option for you.
  • Ducted Air Conditioning – The ultimate in whole home cooling, unobtrusive & economical to run especially when combined with inverter technology & smart zoning control systems such as MyAir.

We recommend Ducted Hideaway Air Conditioners wherever possible, why?

Simple, it is the ultimate in comfort & luxury as it offers you complete control of the temperature in every room in the home yet it’s sleek ceiling vents are unobtrusive & most of the time you won’t even know the system is running.


More reasons to choose Ducted Hideaway Air Conditioning for your home:

  • It is more efficient than multiple wall splits as you are only running one compressor which can vary it’s capacity to suit cooling demand.
  • It’s super quiet as the outdoor unit can be located anywhere around the outside of your home away from bedrooms etc
  • You only have one unit to service & maintain.
  • Unlike split systems you won’t get hot & cold spots throughout the house as there is an outlet in every room.
  • Set different temperatures in every room by installing with MyAir by Advantage Air with your ducted hideaway AC unit.
  • Forget remote controls MyAir has smartphone control – Turn your system ON or OFF from anywhere in the world via the MyPlace smartphone app for Apple & Android devices.
MyAir air conditioning installation

How does it work?

Send us your plans, our engineers will then assess your home to find the most suitable system for your taking into account your specific requirementsbudget, from here we will create a design & quote for you to review.

A ducted hideaway air conditioner consists 3 major components:

  • Air Conditioner unit – Our engineers carefully choose the ducted hideaway air conditioner that will perform best in your home.
  • Smart Zone Controls – Zone controls such as MyAir allow you to shut off the rooms you are not using for improved energy efficiency ensuring the rooms you are in reach the most comfortable temperature as quickly as possible.
  • Air Delivery System – We supply on the highest quality ducting & grilles on the market which have been designed & developed by Advantage Air to handle the toughest environments.


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