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Under Floor Heating Installation Solutions

The most economical and effective way to heat a home & keep your feet warm too…

Comfort Solution’s Diablo system offers an under-floor heating solution that aligns itself with green building design. Most of all Diablo floor heating offers a smoke, fume and ash-free heating system.

For homeowners it offers the most economical yet effective way to heat the floor in your home furthermore it increases the resale value of your most valuable asset, your home.

Under Floor Heating Installation Gauteng

Floor Heating Installation Options

Comfort Solution’s provides two different types of under-floor heating installations, both methods provide superior comfort & energy efficiency. The type of system of installed depends on the type of floor your are trying to heat.

Wire System for tile and wood floors

The electrical wire system is installed two days prior to tiling and is laid on top of the concrete slab, directly under the floor finish. Our wire has a multi-stranded heating core that is Tefzel® coated to prevent oxidation & provide many years of comfort & warmth.

Water System using Heat Pump heaters / Geysers

Water based under floor heating is the most economical way of heating the floor of your home, widely used as an alternative to electrical under floor heating throughout the world! The advantage of water under floor heating or hydronic heating, is that a combination of different heat sources can be used to heat up your home.

Diablo Warranty

Comfort Solutions offers a 20 year product warranty and a 5 year workmanship guarantee on all underfloor heating solutions.


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