MyAir smart air conditioning offers 10 temperature controlled zones with smartphone control as standard.

Developed by Advantage Air to seamlessly integrate with MyLights.

Air Conditioning made smarter.

Let us help you create the ultimate comfort zone at your home or office with world renowned smart home product MyAir.

Conventional ducted hideaway air conditioners try to cool the whole home at once. This isn’t is great for your energy bill & it means that the smaller rooms of your home get too cold whilst the people in the larger rooms are still feeling uncomfortable.

What is you could set different temperatures in each room of the home so everyone can stay comfortable at the same time whilst at the same time saving energy? Enter MyAir.

MyAir allows you to break your home up into 10 different individual temperature controlled zones. What does this mean for you? It means that when the smaller rooms of your home reach temperature the airflow to those room will stop & the air will then be forced to the rooms that still require cooling, saving you energy & ultimately money!

Watch the video below & learn more about how MyAir smart air conditioning can help you!

Remote controls are out, smart phone control is in.

Do you remember searching you home high & low for your air conditioning remote controller in the middle of summer? Well forget those days as MyAir Smart Air Conditioning does away with pesky remotes & rather includes smart phone control as standard allowing you to turn your air conditioner on before you arrive home or from the other side of the world!

With smartphone apps for Android & Apple devices you can install the MyPlace app on as many devices as you would like, so you will never lose your cool again.

MyAir has thought of everything with optional motion sensors.

We often move around the home quite a bit throughout the day & often forgot to adjust our air conditioner as we do so, with MyAir’s optional motion sensors you can save energy & enjoy a more comfortable environment without lifting a finger.

With motion sensors installed you can simply walk out of your room & if that room stays empty for 10 minutes the MyAir will automatically adjust the room temp by one degree. If the room continues to be empty for a further 10 minutes the temperature will adjust by another one degree this results in huge energy savings of up to 20%. Walk back into the room & it returns to your initial desired temperature.

Stay perfectly chilled
in every room

MyAir Smart Air Conditioning Zoning

8 inch Android Tablet

That’s right your MyAir touch screen is also a full featured Android tablet, this means you can use it as your home hub where you can keep shopping lists, order groceries, check the weather, cast Netflix to your TV…the possibilities are endless. If any of your other smart home devices have an Android app simply install it on your MyPlace tablet & control everything from the one central hub that never needs charging!

Unlike other zone controllers MyAir controls your entire ducted hideaway system meaning you only have one sleek & stylish touch screen on your wall.

MyAir Smart Air Conditioning Zoning

Compatible Brands

MyAir is all about comfort & control so you have the freedom to use the brand of air conditioner you want, it is compatible with all the major dicted hideaway inverter brands such as Samsung, Daikin, Midea, Carrier, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Fujitsu.

Interested in retrofitting your existing ducted hideaway system with this word class technology? It is more than likely possible but we would need to pop in & check compatibility of your existing air conditioner unit prior.


I like simplicity

So does MyAir that is why it has been designed using a minimalist approach focused on making it easy to use for even the least teach savvy person in your family, the video below will guide you through exactly how the system works from start to finish so you can see for yourself.

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